spoil是什么意思 spoil在线翻译 spoil什么意思 spoil的意思 spoil的翻译 spoil的解释 spoil的发音 spoil的同义词 spoil的反义词 spoil的例句

spoil [spɔɪl]  [spɔɪl] 

第三人称单数:spoils现在分词:spoiling过去分词:spoilt; spoiled过去式:spoilt; spoiled

spoil 基本解释

不及物动词变质; 掠夺; 腐败

及物动词损坏,糟蹋; 把(酒,肉等)放坏; 溺爱坏,宠坏(孩子等); 抢劫,掠夺

名词抢劫,掠夺; 废品,次品; 成功所带来的好处; (开掘等时挖出的)弃土

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spoil 相关例句


1. Our holidays were spoilt by bad weather.
色惰日本视频网站    我们假日的乐趣被恶劣天气所破坏。

2. spoil

2. The rain has spoilt my painting.

3. spoil的意思

3. The rain spoiled our picnic.


1. The apples spoiled.

spoil 网络解释

1. cs61.cn

1. 坏:不过,拉特里奇还是说美国的年轻人正在变得越来越懒惰,他们被宠坏(spoil色惰日本视频网站)了. 现在的美国人总是习惯于内向型思考(thinkinside),而不是外向型思考. 美国大多数年轻人都只会说一种语言,甚至有些人只说西班牙语.

2. 宠坏:不过,拉特里奇还是说美国的年轻人正在变得越来越懒惰,他们被宠坏(spoil)了. 现在的美国人总是习惯于内向型思考(think inside),而不是外向型思考. 美国大多数年轻人都只会说一种语言,甚至有些人只说西班牙语.

spoil 词典解释

American English uses the form spoiled as the past tense and past participle. British English uses either spoiled or spoilt. 美国英语中过去式和过去分词为 spoiled,英国英语中可用 spoiled 或 spoilt。

1. 弄糟;损坏;破坏
    If you spoil something, you prevent it from being successful or satisfactory.

    e.g. It's important not to let mistakes spoil your life...
    e.g. Peaceful summer evenings can be spoilt by mosquitoes.
色惰日本视频网站           宁静的夏夜可能会被蚊子破坏掉。

2. 溺爱,宠坏(孩子)
    If you spoil children, you give them everything they want or ask for. This is considered to have a bad effect on a child's character.

    e.g. Grandparents are often tempted to spoil their grandchildren whenever they come to visit.

spoilt, spoiled
A spoilt child is rarely popular with other children...
Oh, that child. He's so spoiled.

3. 犒赏(自己或他人)
    If you spoil yourself or spoil another person, you give yourself or them something nice as a treat or do something special for them.


    e.g. Spoil yourself with a new perfume this summer...
    e.g. Perhaps I could employ someone to iron his shirts, but I wanted to spoil him. He was my man.

4. (使)(食物)变坏;(使)腐坏
    If food spoils or if it is spoilt, it is no longer fit to be eaten.

    e.g. We all know that fats spoil by becoming rancid...
    e.g. Some organisms are responsible for spoiling food and cause food poisoning...

5. (因在其上写违法的内容而)使(选票)无效
    If someone spoils their vote, they write something illegal on their voting paper, usually as a protest about the election, and their vote is not accepted.

    e.g. They had broadcast calls for voters to spoil their ballot papers...
    e.g. The results showed that 7.2% of the voters cast blank or spoiled ballots.
色惰日本视频网站           结果显示,7.2 %的选民投了空白或无效票。

6. 战利品;因成功获得的好处
    The spoils of something are things that people get as a result of winning a battle or of doing something successfully.

    e.g. True to military tradition, the victors are now treating themselves to the spoils of war...
    e.g. Competing warlords and foreign powers scrambled for political spoils.

7. 可供选择的东西众多
    If you say that someone is spoilt for choice or spoiled for choice色惰日本视频网站, you mean that they have a great many things of the same type to choose from.

    e.g. At lunchtime, MPs are spoilt for choice in 26 restaurants and bars.
色惰日本视频网站           到了午餐时间,议员们有 26 家之多的餐厅和酒吧可供选择。

相关词组:spoil for

spoil 英英释义



1. the act of stripping and taking by force

    Synonym: spoliationspoilationdespoilationdespoilmentdespoliation

2. the act of spoiling something by causing damage to it

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站her spoiling my dress was deliberate

    Synonym: spoilingspoilage

3. (usually plural) valuables taken by violence (especially in war)

    e.g. to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy



1. alter from the original

    Synonym: corrupt

2. become unfit for consumption or use

    e.g. the meat must be eaten before it spoils

    Synonym: go bad

3. make imperfect

    e.g. nothing marred her beauty

    Synonym: marimpairdeflowervitiate

4. destroy and strip of its possession

    e.g. The soldiers raped the beautiful country

    Synonym: rapedespoilviolateplunder

5. have a strong desire or urge to do something

    e.g. She is itching to start the project
           He is spoiling for a fight

    Synonym: itch

6. make a mess of, destroy or ruin

    e.g. I botched the dinner and we had to eat out
           the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement

    Synonym: botchbodgebumblefumblebotch upmuffblowflubscrew upball upmuck upbunglefluffbollixbollix upbollocksbollocks upbobblemishandlelouse upfoul upmess upfuck up

7. hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of

    e.g. What ultimately frustrated every challenger was Ruth's amazing September surge
           foil your opponent

    Synonym: thwartqueerscotchfoilcrossfrustratebafflebilk

8. treat with excessive indulgence

    e.g. grandparents often pamper the children
色惰日本视频网站           Let's not mollycoddle our students!

    Synonym: pamperfeatherbedcossetcockerbabycoddlemollycoddleindulge

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