send是什么意思 send在线翻译 send什么意思 send的意思 send的翻译 send的解释 send的发音 send的同义词 send的反义词 send的例句 send的相关词组

send [send]  [sɛnd] 


send 基本解释

及物动词送; 派遣; 使作出(某种反应); 使进入(某状态)




send 同义词

send 反义词


send 相关词组

1. send up : 发出;

2. send down色惰日本视频网站 : 使下降, 把...向下发送;

3. send away for : 函购某物;

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send 相关例句


1. send的解释

1. He sent his son to return the books to the library.

2. The news almost sent her mad.
色惰日本视频网站    这消息几乎使她发疯了。

3. Send her victorious.

4. The trees send forth many branches.

send 情景对话


B:I‘d like to see your showroom.


A:Do you know where it is?

B:No, I don‘t.

A:I‘ll have the office send you a map.


A:We‘re ready to take your order now.
色惰日本视频网站      你们现在可以下订单了。


B:We want to try this component as a sample.

A:I can send one for you to try .

B:Yes , please do that .


B:Hi, I’m calling about your ad in the paper for the position of (manager/ electrical engineer/ waiter).
色惰日本视频网站      我打电话来询问你们在报纸上登的关于招聘(经理/电子工程师/服务员)的广告。


A:Please send us your resume, “Attention: Betty Sue.”

send 网络解释

1. send

1. 派遣":例如,通过如下键入,可以派遣(send)任意的文件描述符经过管道,通知是'interrupt',通常在终端上键入中断字符(ASCII DEL)的时候发出. 如果通知例程被设置为 {} 则忽略通知. 在删除它的处理器(handler)定义的时候信号恢复它们的缺省行为.

2. 傳送:

这种观点在新上市的美国商业畅销书<<传送>>(send)中有所体现,该书作者大卫?希普利(david shipley)和威尔?施瓦尔贝(will schwalbe)在书中劈头就问:我们为什么在电子邮件中表现得这么糟糕?他们声称,我们的邮件往往含糊不清、毫无意义,

send 词典解释

1. 寄;发送;送出
    When you send色惰日本视频网站 someone something, you arrange for it to be taken and delivered to them, for example by post.

    e.g. Myra Cunningham sent me a note thanking me for dinner...
    e.g. I sent a copy to the minister for transport...
色惰日本视频网站           我给交通部长发送了一份副本。

2. 派遣;打发;叫…去…
    If you send色惰日本视频网站 someone somewhere, you tell them to go there.


    e.g. Inspector Banbury came up to see her, but she sent him away...
    e.g. He had been sent here to keep an eye on Benedict.

3. 把…送进(学校或监狱);安排…去
    If you send someone to色惰日本视频网站 an institution such as a school or a prison, you arrange for them to stay there for a period of time.

    e.g. It's his parents' choice to send him to a boarding school, rather than a convenient day school...
    e.g. You're saying they are sending too many people to prison?

4. (通过无线电波或电流)发射,发送,传送(信号)
    To send色惰日本视频网站 a signal means to cause it to go to a place by means of radio waves or electricity.

    e.g. The transmitters will send a signal automatically to a local base station...
    e.g. ...in 1989, after a 12-year journey to Neptune, the space probe Voyager sent back pictures of Triton, its moon.
           太空探测器“旅行者”号在历经 12 年的飞行后于 1989 年飞临海王星,发回了其卫星海卫一的照片。

5. 使(向某方向)移动
    If something sends things or people in a particular direction, it causes them to move in that direction.

    e.g. The explosion sent shrapnel flying through the sides of cars on the crowded highway...
    e.g. He let David go with a thrust of his wrist that sent the lad reeling...

6. 使进入(某种状态)
    To send someone or something into色惰日本视频网站 a particular state means to cause them to go into or be in that state.

    e.g. My attempt to fix it sent Lawrence into fits of laughter.
    e.g. ...before civil war and famine sent the country plunging into anarchy...

7. to send someone to Coventry -> see Coventry
    to send someone packing -> see pack

相关词组:send away forsend downsend forsend insend offsend off forsend onsend outsend out forsend up

send 英英释义


1. broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

    e.g. We cannot air this X-rated song

    Synonym: airbroadcastbeamtransmit

2. cause to be directed or transmitted to another place

    e.g. send me your latest results
           I'll mail you the paper when it's written

    Synonym: mailpost

3. transfer

    e.g. The spy sent the classified information off to Russia

    Synonym: get offsend off

4. assign to a station

    Synonym: stationpostplace

5. to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept

    Synonym: send out

6. transport commercially

    Synonym: transportship

7. cause to go somewhere

    e.g. The explosion sent the car flying in the air
           She sent her children to camp
           He directed all his energies into his dissertation

    Synonym: direct

8. cause to be admitted
    of persons to an institution

    e.g. After the second episode, she had to be committed
           he was committed to prison

    Synonym: commitinstitutionalizeinstitutionalisecharge

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