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expect [ɪkˈspekt]  [ɪkˈspɛkt] 


expect 基本解释

及物动词期望; 预料; 要求; 认为(某事)会发生

不及物动词色惰日本视频网站期待; 预期; 怀胎; 怀孕

expect 同义词

expect 反义词


expect 相关词组

1. be expecting : [计] 期望;

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expect 相关例句


1. I expect you are right.

2. He expected to finish the work by March.

3. cs61.cn

3. The professor expected respect from his students.

4. I expect he'll pass the examination.

expect 情景对话


A:We’ll call you.

B:Ok, should I expect to hear from you by (next Friday/ the end of the week/ the 15th)?



A:Can we expect the same price as last time ?


B:Oh ,yes ,no problem about that.


A:Good ,we‘ll be ordering in just a few days.


A:I’d like to open a current account.
色惰日本视频网站      我想开一个支票帐户。


B:Certainly. May I see your social security and your ID, please.


A:Here you are. I wonder how much interest can I earn from a current account.
色惰日本视频网站      在这里。我想知道支票户头可以赚取多少利息。

B:Oh, current account don’t pay out interest.
色惰日本视频网站      噢!支票户头是没有利息的。

A:Why is that?
色惰日本视频网站      为什么这样?


B:It’s primarily designed for business transactions. That is, writing checks to pay for bills, buying things and sending money.We won’t expect a large amount of deposit in a current account.

A:I see. How do I draw money for my own use then?


B:In that case you can write yourself a cash check and draw money for yourself.

expect 网络解释

1. expect

1. 预期:一般而言,人们预期(expect)到自己的财产因州的立法而受到影响. 然而,与受影响较多的非不动产不同,就土地来说,州委员会一方认为其已经附带了一种默示性的限制,即可能出现经济上有价值的利用完全受到否定的情形,

2. expect

2. 预计:Aggies最明显的变化是从希望(hope)更好转变到预计(expect色惰日本视频网站)更好. 这种态度的转变也延伸到了局外人了. 他的后仰、不旋转球(knuckleball)和左手跳投是对手的噩梦. 去年主场对阵第六名的Texas时,Law用一计压哨三分帮助球队取胜,

expect 词典解释

1. 预期;预料;期待
    If you expect something to happen, you believe that it will happen.


    e.g. ...a council workman who expects to lose his job in the next few weeks...
    e.g. They no longer expect corporate profits to improve...

2. 盼望;期待;等待
    If you are expecting something or someone, you believe that they will be delivered to you or come to you soon, often because this has been arranged earlier.

    e.g. I am expecting several important letters but nothing has arrived...
    e.g. I wasn't expecting a visitor...

3. 要求;认为应当得到;指望
    If you expect something, or expect a person to do something, you believe that it is your right to have that thing, or the person's duty to do it for you.


    e.g. He wasn't expecting our hospitality...
    e.g. I do expect to have some time to myself in the evenings...

4. 指望;期望
    If you tell someone not to expect something, you mean that the thing is unlikely to happen as they have planned or imagined, and they should not hope that it will.


    e.g. Don't expect an instant cure...
    e.g. You cannot expect to like all the people you will work with...

5. 怀孕
    If you say that a woman is expecting a baby, or that she is expecting, you mean that she is pregnant.


    e.g. She was expecting another baby...
    e.g. I hear Dawn's expecting again.
色惰日本视频网站           我听说唐又怀孕了。

6. 我认为;我猜想
    You say 'I expect色惰日本视频网站' to suggest that a statement is probably correct, or a natural consequence of the present situation, although you have no definite knowledge.


    e.g. I expect you can guess what follows...
    e.g. I expect you're tired...
色惰日本视频网站           我想你累了。

7. 你还想指望什么;那有什么大惊小怪的
    You can say 'What can you expect?' or 'What do you expect?' to emphasize that there is nothing surprising about a situation or a person's behaviour, especially if you find this disappointing.


    e.g. It tastes artificial, but at that price what can you expect?...
    e.g. If a guy hunts and owns guns, what do you expect?
色惰日本视频网站           如果一个人打猎而且还有自己的枪,你还想指望什么?

Do not confuse expect, wait for, and look forward to. When you are expecting someone or something, you think that the person or thing is going to arrive or that the thing is going to happen. I sent a postcard so they were expecting me... We are expecting rain.When you wait for someone or something, you stay in the same place until the person arrives or the thing happens. Whisky was served while we waited for him... We got off the plane and waited for our luggage. When you look forward to something that is going to happen, you feel happy because you think you will enjoy it. I'll bet you're looking forward to your holidays... I always looked forward to seeing her.
不要混淆expect,wait for和look forward to。expect表示认为某人或某物即将到达,或某事即将发生:I sent a postcard so they were expecting me(我寄了张明信片,这样他们就会知道我要来),We were expecting rain(我们预计会下雨)。wait for表示在原地等某人到达或者某事发生:Whisky was served while we waited for him(我们等他的时候,威士忌端上来了),We got off the plane and waited for our luggage(我们下了飞机,等着领取行李)。look forward to表示期盼某事发生,因为会从中获取乐趣:I'll bet you're looking forward to your holidays(我敢肯定你在盼望着假期到来),I always looked forward to seeing her (我一直盼望见到她)。

expect 英英释义



1. be pregnant with

    e.g. She is bearing his child
           The are expecting another child in January
色惰日本视频网站           I am carrying his child

    Synonym: have a bun in the ovenbearcarrygestate

2. look forward to the birth of a child

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站She is expecting in March

3. consider reasonable or due

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站I'm expecting a full explanation as to why these files were destroyed

4. regard something as probable or likely

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow

    Synonym: anticipate

5. look forward to the probable occurrence of

    e.g. We were expecting a visit from our relatives
           She is looking to a promotion
           he is waiting to be drafted

    Synonym: lookawaitwait

6. consider obligatory
    request and expect

    e.g. We require our secretary to be on time
           Aren't we asking too much of these children?
           I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons

    Synonym: askrequire

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