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cover [ˈkʌvə(r)]  [ˈkʌvɚ] 


cover 基本解释

动词色惰日本视频网站遮盖; 掩蔽; 涉及; 洒上

名词封面; 掩护; 覆盖物; 避难所


cover 相关词组


1. under plain cover色惰日本视频网站 : 以普通信封寄发;

2. under cover : 隐藏着;

3. break cover : 从隐藏处出来;

4. from cover to cover : 从头至尾;

5. cover in : 封盖;

6. cover over : 遮没;

7. under separate cover : 在另函中;

8. under the cover of色惰日本视频网站 : 趁着, 以...为幌子;

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cover 相关例句


1. cover

1. The police are covering all road out of town.

2. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

2. These regulations cover such cases.
色惰日本视频网站    这些规定适用于这类情况。

3. The police had the criminal covered.

色惰日本视频网站4. 911查询·英语单词大全

4. Dust covered the furniture.


1. The land was flat and treeless and provided no cover for the troops.

cover 情景对话



A:Here. Take these pills (three times/ twice/ ten times) every (day/ an hour/ thirty minutes).
色惰日本视频网站      这个,这种药每(天/小时/半小时)服用(3次/两次/10次)。

B:Does my insurance cover them?


A:Why do you want to go to U.K.?
色惰日本视频网站      你为什么要去英国?

B:I want to study for a doctorate.
色惰日本视频网站      我要去攻读博士学位。

A:How long do you intend to stay in U.K.?
色惰日本视频网站      你打算在英国呆多久?

B:About two years.

A:Does your scholarship cover the whole two years?


B:Yes, it does.


A:Where will you live?

B:I hope to live on the university campus. I have a letter here from my professor about accommodation.


A:May I have a look? Thanks. Is your family going with you?
色惰日本视频网站      可以让我看看吗?谢谢。你的家属是不是跟你一起去?

B:Oh, no, I am going alone.


A:Now that we’re about to own a house, I think we should get it covered.
色惰日本视频网站      我们快拥有一所房子了,我想我没应该给房子买保险。


B:Yes, I talked with an insurance saleswoman about it yesterday.
色惰日本视频网站      是的,昨天我和一个保险销售人员谈过了。

A:You did?
色惰日本视频网站      你谈了?

B:Sure. She said that once we finalize the sale, we just need to make an appointment with her.


A:How long will it take to get covered?
色惰日本视频网站      保险需要多久能生效?

B:I believe the insurance policy will kick in immediately.
色惰日本视频网站      我想保单很快能生效。

A:That’s great. Did you pick up any brochures.


B:Not yet.
色惰日本视频网站      还没。

A:Maybe we could start reading up on the different policies now. I heard that many of the homes that were damaged during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans weren’t covered.

B:You’re kidding! Did they have some home insurance or did home insurance just not cover floods?

A:Most of the policies didn’t cover floods.

B:I guess we should make sure to read the fine print very carefully. Shall we go there now?


A:Why not? I have nothing better to do.

cover 网络解释

1. 覆盖:这个部门的金融分析师(Equity Analysts)覆盖(Cover色惰日本视频网站)不同的经济生产行业的公司和股票. 卖方的金融分析师的主要职能是为作为买方(Buy Side)的共同基金提高市场分析,收取佣金(Commissions). 同时,卖方的市场分析师要跟自己覆盖的公司管理层搞好关系,

2. 补位:共计18分.英国青年队很努力迎战体格魁武意大利青年队.第一个达阵是英国队在攻击最顺畅的上半场第17分钟,英国队将球向外展开在8号球员Ellis从后补位(cover)接球后,摆脱2个tackles,

3. 补偿:而FDIC则保证如有任何贷款人不还钱而终于法拍(foreclosure)或短售(short sale)其房产,FDIC将补偿(cover)其80%至95%的损失. 但关键的一点是,当计算其损失时,不是根据其实际购买的价格,而是根据最初的贷款额. 比方说,$478,

4. cover的翻译

4. 盖:本试验法之目的系提供电工产品在运输、储存及使用期间,遭受降水(falling drops)、冲水(impacting water)或浸水(immersion)时之试验方法,以验证封盖(cover)与密封之能力,使元件及装备在标准降水场试验中或之后仍能正常工作.

cover 词典解释

1. 遮盖;掩蔽
    If you cover something, you place something else over it in order to protect it, hide it, or close it.


    e.g. Cover the casserole with a tight-fitting lid...
    e.g. He whimpered and covered his face...
色惰日本视频网站           他掩面抽泣。

2. 盖在…上面;铺在…上面
    If one thing covers another, it has been placed over it in order to protect it, hide it, or close it.


    e.g. His finger went up to touch the black patch which covered his left eye...
    e.g. His head was covered with a khaki turban.

3. 盖;覆盖;遮住
    If one thing covers色惰日本视频网站 another, it forms a layer over its surface.

    e.g. The clouds had spread and nearly covered the entire sky...
    e.g. Two oil slicks are covering a total area of seven square miles...

...chocolate-covered biscuits.

4. 用…遮盖;把…铺在…上
    To cover something with or in something else means to put a layer of the second thing over its surface.

    e.g. The trees in your garden may have covered the ground with apples, pears or plums...
    e.g. She covered the walls with the signs of the zodiac.

5. 行走(一段路程)
    If you cover色惰日本视频网站 a particular distance, you travel that distance.

    e.g. It would not be easy to cover ten miles on that amount of petrol...
    e.g. It covered the distance in 28 hours compared with the train's six days.

6. (用枪等)掩护
    To cover色惰日本视频网站 someone or something means to protect them from attack, for example by pointing a gun in the direction of people who may attack them, ready to fire the gun if necessary.

    e.g. You go first. I'll cover you.
色惰日本视频网站           你先撤,我掩护你。

7. (飞机等的)掩护,防护
    Cover色惰日本视频网站 is protection from enemy attack that is provided for troops or ships carrying out a particular operation, for example by aircraft.


    e.g. They said they could not provide adequate air cover for ground operations.

8. 躲避处;避难所;庇护所
    Cover is trees, rocks, or other places where you shelter from the weather or from an attack, or hide from someone.


    e.g. Charles lit the fuses and they ran for cover.
    e.g. ...barren wastes of field with no trees and no cover.
色惰日本视频网站           没有树木和其他遮蔽物的荒芜之地

9. 给…保险
    An insurance policy that covers色惰日本视频网站 a person or thing guarantees that money will be paid by the insurance company in relation to that person or thing.

    e.g. Their insurer paid the £900 bill, even though the policy did not strictly cover it...
    e.g. These items are not covered by your medical insurance...

10. (保险公司的)保险
      Insurance cover is a guarantee from an insurance company that money will be paid by them if it is needed.

      e.g. Make sure that the firm's insurance cover is adequate.

11. (法律)适用于,涉及
      If a law covers a particular set of people, things, or situations, it applies to them.

      e.g. The law covers four categories of experiments...
      e.g. Like any other commodity, pedigree dogs are covered by the Sale of Goods Act.
色惰日本视频网站             像其他商品一样,纯种狗的买卖同样受《货物买卖法》的约束。

12. (在演讲、课程或书中)讨论,涉及
      If you cover色惰日本视频网站 a particular topic, you discuss it in a lecture, course, or book.


      e.g. The Oxford Chemistry Primers aim to cover important topics in organic chemistry...
      e.g. Other subjects covered included nerves and how to overcome them.

13. 报道
      If journalists, newspapers, or television companies cover色惰日本视频网站 an event, they report on it.

      e.g. Robinson was sent to Italy to cover the 1990 World Cup...
      e.g. The US news media will cover the trial closely.
色惰日本视频网站             美国新闻媒体将对该审判进行追踪报道。

14. (钱)足以支付,够付
      If a sum of money covers something, it is enough to pay for it.

      e.g. Send it to the address given with £1.50 to cover postage and administration...
      e.g. Those figures might not even cover the cost of breakages.
色惰日本视频网站             那笔钱甚至都不够赔偿破损费。

15. 覆盖物;套子;罩子;盖子
      A cover色惰日本视频网站 is something which is put over an object, usually in order to protect it.

      e.g. ...a family room with washable covers on the furniture.
      e.g. ...a duvet cover.

16. 被子;毯子;床单;床罩
      The covers色惰日本视频网站 on your bed are the things such as sheets and blankets that you have on top of you.

      e.g. She set her glass down and slid farther under the covers.
色惰日本视频网站             她放下杯子,钻进被子里。

17. (书刊的)封面,封皮
      The cover色惰日本视频网站 of a book or a magazine is the outside part of it.


      e.g. A few years ago, David Byrne was on the cover of Time magazine.
      e.g. ...a small spiral-bound booklet with a green cover...

18. (对秘密或违法之事的)掩盖,掩饰
      Something that is a cover for secret or illegal activities seems respectable or normal, and is intended to hide the activities.


      e.g. They set up a spurious temple that was a cover for sexual debauchery...
      e.g. As a cover story he generally tells people he is a freelance photographer.
色惰日本视频网站             为掩饰身份,他一般对外称自己是一名自由摄影师。

19. (通过提供假信息或不完全的信息来)遮掩,掩盖,包庇
      If you cover for色惰日本视频网站 someone who is doing something secret or illegal, you give false information or do not give all the information you have, in order to protect them.


      e.g. Why would she cover for someone who was trying to kill her?

20. 代替,顶替(某人工作)
      If you cover for someone who is ill or away, you do their work for them while they are not there.

      e.g. She did not have enough nurses to cover for those who went ill or took holiday.

21. 翻唱(歌曲)
      To cover色惰日本视频网站 a song originally performed by someone else means to record a new version of it.


      e.g. He must make a decent living from other artists covering his songs.

22. 同 cover version
      A cover is the same as a cover version .


      e.g. The single is a cover of an old Rolling Stones song.

色惰日本视频网站23. see also: covered;covering

24. 揭露,揭示(真实身份或工作的真实性质)
      To blow someone's cover色惰日本视频网站 means to cause their true identity or the true nature of their work to be revealed.

      e.g. Asking those kind of questions could blow my cover...
      e.g. The young man looked embarrassed, as if he were a spy whose cover had been blown.

25. (通常为到达另一地点)离开隐蔽处,冲出躲藏处
      If you break cover色惰日本视频网站, you leave a place where you have been hiding or sheltering from attack, usually in order to run to another place.


      e.g. They began running again, broke cover and dashed towards the road.

26. 躲避(炮火、轰炸或坏天气)
      If you take cover, you shelter from gunfire, bombs, or the weather.

      e.g. Shoppers took cover behind cars as police marksmen returned fire.
色惰日本视频网站             警方的射击手开火回击时,购物者们躲在汽车后面。

27. 在…的遮掩下(躲避炮火轰炸、坏天气等)
      If you are under cover色惰日本视频网站, you are under something that protects you from gunfire, bombs, or the weather.

      e.g. 'Get under cover!' shouted Billy, and we darted once more for the tables.
色惰日本视频网站             “躲起来!”比利喊道,我们便又一次冲向桌子。

28. 在…的掩护下
      If you do something under cover of a particular situation, you are able to do it without being noticed because of that situation.

      e.g. They move under cover of darkness.

29. 保护自己(免受批评、谴责等);辩解
      If you cover your back or cover your rear, you do something in order to protect yourself, for example against criticism or against accusations of doing something wrong.

      e.g. The canny Premier covered his back by pointing out that he was of Scottish stock.

30. 同 cover your back
      Cover your ass means the same as cover your back .

      e.g. Just play it safe, cover your ass, keep your head down.

相关词组:cover up

cover 英英释义


1. fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal

    Synonym: covering fire

2. the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

    e.g. the cover色惰日本视频网站 concealed their guns from enemy aircraft

    Synonym: coveringscreeningmasking

3. a false identity and background (especially one created for an undercover agent)

    e.g. her new name and passport are cover色惰日本视频网站 for her next assignment

4. the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book

    e.g. the book had a leather binding

    Synonym: bindingbook bindingback

5. bedding that keeps a person warm in bed

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep

    Synonym: blanket

6. a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else

    e.g. they made a cover of a Beatles' song

    Synonym: cover versioncover song

7. a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something

    e.g. a screen of trees afforded privacy
           under cover of darkness
           the brush provided a covert for game
           the simplest concealment is to match perfectly the color of the background

    Synonym: screencovertconcealment

8. covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container)

    e.g. he removed the top of the carton
           he couldn't get the top off of the bottle
           put the cover back on the kettle

    Synonym: top

9. a natural object that covers or envelops

    e.g. under a covering of dust
           the fox was flushed from its cover

    Synonym: coveringnatural covering

10. a fixed charge by a restaurant or nightclub over and above the charge for food and drink

    Synonym: cover charge


1. clothe, as if for protection from the elements

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站cover your head!

    Synonym: wrap up

2. sit on (eggs)

    e.g. Birds brood
           The female covers the eggs

    Synonym: broodhatchincubate

3. protect by insurance

    e.g. The insurance won't cover this

    Synonym: insureunderwrite

4. be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism

    e.g. Snow reported on China in the 1950's
           The cub reporter covered New York City

    Synonym: report

5. maintain a check on
    especially by patrolling

    e.g. The second officer covered the top floor

6. act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression

    e.g. This book deals with incest
           The course covered all of Western Civilization
           The new book treats the history of China

    Synonym: treathandleplowdealaddress

7. hold within range of an aimed firearm

8. protect or defend (a position in a game)

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站he covered left field

9. be responsible for guarding an opponent in a game

10. play a higher card than the one previously played

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站Smith covered again

11. form a cover over

      e.g. 色惰日本视频网站The grass covered the grave

      Synonym: spread over

12. provide with a covering or cause to be covered

      e.g. cover her face with a handkerchief
             cover the child with a blanket
             cover the grave with flowers

13. put something on top of something else

      e.g. 色惰日本视频网站cover the meat with a lot of gravy

      Synonym: overlay

14. copulate with a female, used especially of horses

      e.g. 色惰日本视频网站The horse covers the mare

      Synonym: breed

15. cover as if with a shroud

      e.g. The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery

      Synonym: shroudenshroudhide

16. travel across or pass over

      e.g. The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day

      Synonym: traversetrackcrosspass overget overget acrosscut throughcut across

17. spread over a surface to conceal or protect

      e.g. 色惰日本视频网站This paint covers well

18. hide from view or knowledge

      e.g. The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House

      Synonym: cover up

19. be sufficient to meet, defray, or offset the charge or cost of

      e.g. Is this enough to cover the check?

20. to take an action to protect against future problems

      e.g. Count the cash in the drawer twice just to cover yourself

21. help out by taking someone's place and temporarily assuming his responsibilities

      e.g. 色惰日本视频网站She is covering for our secretary who is ill this week

22. invest with a large or excessive amount of something

      e.g. She covered herself with glory

23. include in scope
      include as part of something broader
      have as one's sphere or territory

      e.g. This group encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds
             this should cover色惰日本视频网站 everyone in the group

      Synonym: embraceencompasscomprehend

24. make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

      e.g. he is compensating for being a bad father

      Synonym: compensateovercompensate

25. provide for

      e.g. The grant doesn't cover my salary

26. span an interval of distance, space or time

      e.g. The war extended over five years
             The period covered the turn of the century
             My land extends over the hills on the horizon
             This farm covers some 200 acres
             The Archipelago continues for another 500 miles

      Synonym: continueextend

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