centre是什么意思 centre在线翻译 centre什么意思 centre的意思 centre的翻译 centre的解释 centre的发音 centre的同义词 centre的反义词 centre的例句

centre [ˈsentə(r)]  [ˈsɛntɚ] 


centre 基本解释

名词色惰日本视频网站中心; 中枢; (市镇的)中心区; 中心点

及物/不及物动词色惰日本视频网站置于中央; 集中; 把…当作中心; (使)成为中心

centre 相关词组

1. centre on : 集中在...上;

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centre 相关例句


1. The defender centres the ball.
色惰日本视频网站    守卫队员将球传至中心。


1. The discussion centres on the most important question.
色惰日本视频网站    讨论集中在最重要的问题上。


1. centre的反义词

1. She loves to be the centre of interest.

centre 网络解释

1. 中锋:PF 大前锋(power forward) 主要是抢板和阻攻,扶助队友得分,身体第一 C 中锋(centre) 得分,篮板,阻攻,助攻,进攻时是有效火力点,防守实施最后一道防线,身高很重要 SF 小前锋(small forward) 2号得分手,主要是跑位,用速度拉扯对手防线,

2. 中央:米制(METERS)电门 接通(737-800)中央(CENTRE色惰日本视频网站)电门 按需(737-800)活动(TRAFFIC)电门 按需(737-800)选择下降方式:1. 正常情况下使用垂直导航下降,即在垂直导航接通的情况下,按照CDU上计算的经济轨迹下降.

3. centre

3. 中央大区:三、中央大区(CENTRE)和布尔日(BOURGES)法国布尔日中央教育集团(法文全称:ENSEMBLE SCOLAIRE BOURGES-CENTRE,简写ESBC)坐落于风景如画的法国谢尔省(CHER)首府布尔日市(BOURGES),悠久的历史和教育传统让她散发着迷人的光芒.

4. centre:c.; 中锋

centre 词典解释

in AM, use 美国英语用 center

1. (会议、活动、服务等的)中心
    A centre is a building where people have meetings, take part in a particular activity, or get help of some kind.


    e.g. We went to a party at the leisure centre...
    e.g. She now also does pottery classes at a community centre.
色惰日本视频网站           她现在还在社区中心上陶艺课。

2. (工业、活动等的)中心
    If an area or town is a centre色惰日本视频网站 for an industry or activity, that industry or activity is very important there.

    e.g. London is also the major international insurance centre.

3. 中心;中央;中部
    The centre色惰日本视频网站 of something is the middle of it.

    e.g. A large wooden table dominates the centre of the room...
    e.g. Bake until light golden and crisp around the edges and slightly soft in the centre.
色惰日本视频网站           烤至边缘浅黄松脆,中间略软。

4. (市镇的)商业中心,闹市区,繁华地带
    The centre of a town or city is the part where there are the most shops and businesses and where a lot of people come from other areas to work or shop.

    e.g. ...the city centre.
色惰日本视频网站           市中心

5. 中心;核心
    If something or someone is at the centre of色惰日本视频网站 a situation, they are the most important thing or person involved.

    e.g. ...the man at the centre of the controversy...
    e.g. At the centre of the inquiry has been concern for the pensioners involved.
色惰日本视频网站           调查的核心一直是对于牵涉其中的领取养老金者的关注。

6. (关注的)中心,焦点;中心人物
    If someone or something is the centre of attention or interest, people are giving them a lot of attention.


    e.g. The rest of the cast was used to her being the centre of attention...
    e.g. The centre of attraction was Pierre Auguste Renoir's oil painting.
色惰日本视频网站           最吸引人注意的是皮埃尔·奥古斯特·雷诺阿的油画。

7. (政党)中间派,中立派
    In politics, the centre色惰日本视频网站 refers to groups and their beliefs, when they are considered to be neither left-wing nor right-wing.

    e.g. The Democrats have become a party of the centre.
    e.g. ...the centre parties.

8. 将…放在正中央
    If you centre something, you move it so that it is at the centre of something else.

    e.g. Centre the design on the cloth before you start.

9. (使)以…为中心;(使)注意力集中于
    If something centres or is centred on a particular thing or person, that thing or person is the main subject of attention.

    e.g. ...a plan which centred on academic achievement and personal motivation...
    e.g. All his concerns were centred around himself rather than Rachel...

...a child-centred approach to teaching.
...patient-centred care.

10. (使)主要发生在;(使)集中于
      If an industry or event is centred in a place, or if it centres there, it takes place to the greatest extent there.

      e.g. The fighting has been centred around the town of Vucovar...
      e.g. The disturbances have centred round the two main university areas...
色惰日本视频网站             骚乱主要发生在两所大学附近的区域。

11. see also: community centre;detention centre;garden centre;health centre;job centre;left-of-centre;nerve centre;reception centre;remand centre;right-of-centre;shopping centre

centre 英英释义


1. a building dedicated to a particular activity

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站they were raising money to build a new center for research

    Synonym: center

2. a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process

    e.g. in most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere

    Synonym: centernerve centernerve centre

3. the object upon which interest and attention focuses

    e.g. his stories made him the center of the party

    Synonym: centercenter of attentioncentre of attention

4. the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience

    e.g. the gist of the prosecutor's argument
           the heart and soul of the Republican Party
           the nub of the story

    Synonym: kernelsubstancecorecenteressencegistheartheart and soulinwardnessmarrowmeatnubpithsumnitty-gritty

5. the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

    Synonym: center

6. a place where some particular activity is concentrated

    e.g. 色惰日本视频网站they received messages from several centers

    Synonym: center

7. a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure

    Synonym: centermidpoint

8. an area that is approximately central within some larger region

    e.g. it is in the center of town
           they ran forward into the heart of the struggle
           they were in the eye of the storm

    Synonym: centermiddlehearteye



1. direct one's attention on something

    e.g. Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies

    Synonym: concentratefocuscenterporerivet

2. move into the center

    e.g. That vase in the picture is not centered

    Synonym: center

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